Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission 8

=Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors== Talk to G.
Head to the dock.
When your there, talk to Herbert.
He shows you a map, but Klutzy accidentally cuts it.
After Herbert disspears, pick up the green lamp, then you must follow the map.
One peice of the map sticks to the Dance Club. Don’t pay attention to that one right now.
Follow the peice that’s still going.
It flys into someones newspaper. Talk to them.
They wish they had a pizza, so you go to the Pizza Parlor and buy them a pizza.
Give the pizza to them, and they will give you there newspaper.
Take the part of the map out of the newspaper and put it into a sepperate slot.
Go the Coffee Shop. Help clean up the cookies. He offers you some cookies.
Take a cookie, and give it to the puffle in the town. He will try to fly up and get it.
He falls, and they say he could fly if he had a bigger cap.
Grab the propeller hat behind G and give it to the puffle!
The puffle will then knock the second half of the map down.
Now you have both parts of the map. Head back to the dock and go into the cave.
Follow the directions on the map.
Unscrew the pipe that is blocking the gift shop door. (with the rench on your spy phone)
Get the net, balloons and soda from the lighthouse.
Now go to G and ask for his Hellium, and Hammer.
In your inventory, put the balloon on the Hellium.
It will put air into it. Attach it to the Gift Shop.
Now do the following: Put the net on the bottom of the gift shop, put the pegs into it, now hammer them in.right before step 25 use your wrench on the drill where the gear is if you want a gift.which is the frozen gear from the last mission.
Go back into the cave, where you find Herbert in the boiler room.
He breaks the boiler and you must fix it.
G calls. You have now earned your medal and have completed the mission!


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