Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission 5

==Mission 5: Secret of the Fur==
Talk to G; he’ll get you to help him with the fur being analyzed. Open your spy-phone and pull out your comb from the spy-phone tools. Comb the hair and it will go into the machine.
Talk to G and he will give you the white fur that we need to analyze. Analyze it. It won’t find a match but it will find traces of substance on it.
Go to the Pizza Parlor and speak to the Penguin cleaning up the mess. Ask him to borrow sauce for evidence, and also offer to help him deliver the pizza. Put the Sauce and Pizza in your Inventory.
Go to the Ski Lodge and go out the back via the backdoor. Give the Penguin the pizza.
Go to the Coffee Shop next, and speak to the Penguin working there. Ask him for a hot chocolate after he tells you what happened. He will say the machine is broken but if you have a look at it you can fix it with your spy-phone tool - the spanner. Just place is on the hose that came out.
Put the spanner away and pull the cup down to make a hot chocolate. Use the bottle of sauce that you got from the pizza parlor. Put the hot chocolate in your inventory.
Go back to HQ using your spy phone and go into the gadget room on the far far left of the room. Get the AC 1000 Fan and place it in your inventory.
Go to the lighthouse beacon and use the fan to blow the petrol tank on the right over to you. Then put the fan away and pull out your scissors on your phone tools and cut the string. Put the scissors back in your tools and put the petrol tank in your inventory.
Go back to the gadget room and speak to G on the right. Put all the items into the machine and then pick up the goggles.
Go to the beach and on the left you’ll find a fishing net, pick it up. Inside the lighthouse on the left on the boat, pick up the rope. Put them together and you have made a trap.
Go into the Ski lodge and you’ll find the penguin hiding in the couch. Pick up the candle inside the ski lodge. Then, go to where he was fishing and place the trap on the tree branch.
Place the candle on the trap, and a crab will be caught in it. The monster will run away leaving a small sample of fur. Put the crab and the fur in your inventory, then go see G.
Talk to G, give him the crab, then analyze the fur and a match will be found. The monster is a POLAR BEAR! Speak to G again and he will give you the medal and you can keep the pizza. Mission over.


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