Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission 7

==Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs==
Start by talking to G.
G will shows you a video of the destruction of the clock.
Go to the Snow Forts and talk to the construction worker, tell him you would like to help.
Go to the HQ, and grab the Life Preserver from the shelf.
Go to the Dock, and talk to the Blue Team, ask them for the target.
Not so fast, you have to hit the target 3 times to have them give you the target.
As a replacement, give them that Life Preserver you grabbed earlier.
Once you've done that, go to the Snow Forts, click the clock, and put the target in the correct spot.
Go to the HQ, find where there are 3 lockers, click the middle one.
Change the combination until it reads "KEY", it should unlock and you should take the magnet.
Go to the Iceberg and use the Magnet on the floating spring
Go back to the HQ, go through the giant metal doors and find the "Test Chamber".
Place the spring on the conveyor belt, click the lever, once inside, press the Fire button, press the lever again and take the spring.
Go back to the Snow Forts, click the Clock and put the Spring in the correct spot.
Go to the Pizza Parlor and grab the music notes next to the Piano.
Go to the Stage and play the notes on the Piano to make the Yellow puffle come out.
Go to the Beach and take the Green Bucket and put it in your inventory, talk to the yellow penguin sitting in the fancy snow chair.
Go to the Town and talk to the green penguin (look familiar?) ask him for a picture of the gear.
Go to the Snow Forts and get a bucket of snow by using the bucket on the ground.
Go back to the stage and 1st, give the picture to the yellow puffle, and THEN the bucket of snow.
Go back to the Headquarters and put the gear in the Test Chamber. Click the lever, and then click Snow.
If you did this correctly, your gear will look like solid Ice.
Take it back to the Snow Forts and add it to the clock.
Go back to the Snow Forts and you will get a call from the Polar Bear, wonder what he has to say...
G, will arrive and will reward you. Congratulations!


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