Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission 2

==Mission 2: G's Secret Mission==
Go to secret agent HQ and start the mission. First, talk to G. Tell him you're here for your mission, he'll give you the following riddle..."Look near a lively game; Pointing to a path with a Rabbit in its name."
talk to G. he'll ask if you know the secret code. Enter the code "MOGUL". He'll ask if you want your Mission, say "Yes". He'll show you a SLED he wants you to test-ride down the mountain, so put it in your inventory.
Go to the Ski Slope. Get the SLED ouT inventory and click it onto the Test-Slope. Another mini-game will pop up, where you're meant to dodge obstacles and snow-jump over logs. It doesn't matter if you crash, you're meant to. When you crash, you find yourself in the Wilderness of Club Penguin. Go right and you'll find a Survival Guide. Put it in your Inventory.
Go through the Middle Path way and pick up a SKI and put it in your inventory. Now go back, and go through the First pathway, and pick 3 O-BERRY'S.
Go to the Pathway straight ahead, and click on the Puffles. They get scared and run away, apart from the black one. Give the Black one a O-BERRY, and it'll become friends with you.
Go back to where you started and move left. Then get a ROPE and attach it to the SKI to make a Fishing Rod.
Get one of the O-BERRYS and put it on the Rod.
Go back and you'll see a tree in the middle of the paths. Keep on shaking the tree until a PAN comes out; go as far left as you can. And go down the lane, go left as far as you can. Click the Fishing Rod onto the water, and you'll catch a fish!
Go right a little bit and walk through the path. Click the bushes, and it'll open up a cave. Go inside and click any stone; go where the stone goes and put your log onto the pit.
Get the Survival Guide and click it on the log, this will become tinder so you can start the fire. Use your O-BERRY on your Puffle. He'll make a fire (warning, give him the O-BERRY only when he's over the fire). Get your fish and put it on your fire. After it's cooked, click it to eat it. Now you're thirsty, so go to the water again, and use your PAN on it. Now you have WATER, so go back into your shelter and put the water onto the fire. It will boil, then click to drink!
Wait for your Penguin will fall asleep, when he/her wakes up, your puffle will be gone and your fire will be out, now go outside, you'll see a fellow agent and he'll take you back to G. G will talk to you, saying if you want to try the sled again, come back.

Well Done, Mission Complete!


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