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Mission 10

==mission 10: Waddle Squad ==
Talk to G.
Go to the Beach. The Rocket guy will need fuel.
Go to the beach and talk to him. Get the cream soda from the Lighthouse.
Give him the cream soda and separate it.
Pour the first into the second
Pour the second into the third
Pour the third into the first
Pour the second into the third
Pour the first into the second
Pour the second into the third
Pour the third into the first
Go to the Gift Shop and talk to the Clerk.
Take the following items
Stack of cloth
The box
Go to Town and put the stand together.
Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.
Get the solar panel from the HQ that is next to G.
Go to the Gift Shop. Take the solar panel and put it together with the magnet.
Connect the circuits
Go to the Dock and get the rope.
Attach the rope to the lever in the Night Club.
Use the screw inside your spy phone to open the case.
Put the things in place.
Go to the Dock. Then you will get a call.
There will be a fake Herbert. You will get another call. Go to the Night Club.
Pull the lever and trap Herbert.
He will escape. All the agents will go to the Night Club.
The magnet will get stuck to Herbert. Turn all the lights toward Rookie.
Herbert will get trapped, but will eventually escape.
Receive your prize.

Mission 9

==Mission 9: Spy and Seek== Talk to G. Then put 3 tracking devises, the yellow duck, and the blue print into your inventory.
Go to the Ski Lodge and click on the two penguins playing Find Four. Find all of the pieces, put them into a pile, and give them to the penguins.
Pick up the string by the carpet in the Lodge Attic. Put it into your inventory.
Go to the Forrest and pick up the sticks.
Put the sticks, the blue print, and the string together in your inventory.
Go to the Plaza and talk to the penguins. After the puffle blows a bubble, click the part stuck between the penguins. Take the bubble gum and put it into your inventory.
Go to the Mountain and put the kite on a transmitter. Then put it on a poll.
Go to the Dock and help the penguin by pulling up the brown start handle. Then borrow the penguins air pump.
Put the gum on the yellow duck and then put the air pump on the duck.
Go to the Ice Berg, and place the duck onto the water.
Go to the Mine Shack and talk to the penguin. Click and drag the wooden boards, making the metal beam drop on the left side. Click twice on the cart surfer cart that is tipped over and weld all the cracks.
Place the transmitter into the cart and then click in the mine for the cart to go down.
Answer your spy phone and talk to G. Take the Binoculars 3000 from G at the HQ.
Go to the Ski Lodge, and click on the “Go Fishing” door. Look through the binoculars.
After Herbert leaves, go to his camp and look around.
Go to the HQ and talk to G.
Go back to Herbert’s camp and place the spy phone on the binoculars.
Put the spy phone / binocular combo into the left tree.
Go back to the HQ and watch Herbert and Klutzy.
Collect your medal and receive your chocolates.

Mission 8

=Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors== Talk to G.
Head to the dock.
When your there, talk to Herbert.
He shows you a map, but Klutzy accidentally cuts it.
After Herbert disspears, pick up the green lamp, then you must follow the map.
One peice of the map sticks to the Dance Club. Don’t pay attention to that one right now.
Follow the peice that’s still going.
It flys into someones newspaper. Talk to them.
They wish they had a pizza, so you go to the Pizza Parlor and buy them a pizza.
Give the pizza to them, and they will give you there newspaper.
Take the part of the map out of the newspaper and put it into a sepperate slot.
Go the Coffee Shop. Help clean up the cookies. He offers you some cookies.
Take a cookie, and give it to the puffle in the town. He will try to fly up and get it.
He falls, and they say he could fly if he had a bigger cap.
Grab the propeller hat behind G and give it to the puffle!
The puffle will then knock the second half of the map down.
Now you have both parts of the map. Head back to the dock and go into the cave.
Follow the directions on the map.
Unscrew the pipe that is blocking the gift shop door. (with the rench on your spy phone)
Get the net, balloons and soda from the lighthouse.
Now go to G and ask for his Hellium, and Hammer.
In your inventory, put the balloon on the Hellium.
It will put air into it. Attach it to the Gift Shop.
Now do the following: Put the net on the bottom of the gift shop, put the pegs into it, now hammer them in.right before step 25 use your wrench on the drill where the gear is if you want a gift.which is the frozen gear from the last mission.
Go back into the cave, where you find Herbert in the boiler room.
He breaks the boiler and you must fix it.
G calls. You have now earned your medal and have completed the mission!

Mission 7

==Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs==
Start by talking to G.
G will shows you a video of the destruction of the clock.
Go to the Snow Forts and talk to the construction worker, tell him you would like to help.
Go to the HQ, and grab the Life Preserver from the shelf.
Go to the Dock, and talk to the Blue Team, ask them for the target.
Not so fast, you have to hit the target 3 times to have them give you the target.
As a replacement, give them that Life Preserver you grabbed earlier.
Once you've done that, go to the Snow Forts, click the clock, and put the target in the correct spot.
Go to the HQ, find where there are 3 lockers, click the middle one.
Change the combination until it reads "KEY", it should unlock and you should take the magnet.
Go to the Iceberg and use the Magnet on the floating spring
Go back to the HQ, go through the giant metal doors and find the "Test Chamber".
Place the spring on the conveyor belt, click the lever, once inside, press the Fire button, press the lever again and take the spring.
Go back to the Snow Forts, click the Clock and put the Spring in the correct spot.
Go to the Pizza Parlor and grab the music notes next to the Piano.
Go to the Stage and play the notes on the Piano to make the Yellow puffle come out.
Go to the Beach and take the Green Bucket and put it in your inventory, talk to the yellow penguin sitting in the fancy snow chair.
Go to the Town and talk to the green penguin (look familiar?) ask him for a picture of the gear.
Go to the Snow Forts and get a bucket of snow by using the bucket on the ground.
Go back to the stage and 1st, give the picture to the yellow puffle, and THEN the bucket of snow.
Go back to the Headquarters and put the gear in the Test Chamber. Click the lever, and then click Snow.
If you did this correctly, your gear will look like solid Ice.
Take it back to the Snow Forts and add it to the clock.
Go back to the Snow Forts and you will get a call from the Polar Bear, wonder what he has to say...
G, will arrive and will reward you. Congratulations!

Mission 6

==Mission 6: Questions for a Crab==
Teleport to the HQ and go to the gadget room.
Now talk to G.(Gary)
The machine exploded and the crab escaped. Follow him. Listen for his claws.
The crab will lead you all the way to the wilderness!
Remember mission 2? You’ll find the puffle in the same spot. But the O’berries are located high up in a bag on a nearby tree. You’ll have to cut the rope holding them up with your scissors.
When you feed the puffle, lead him to the door where the crab is. Put an O’berry in the pet door, and your puffle will follow and open it!
Next comes a very long conversation with the evil polar bear.
After that, you must get the puffle to do some things for you. There are three parts to the cage-lifter. Place a o-berry on the middle part first. Then put it on the third part to turn the water on. Then put it on the first part, and you will be free.
Before you leave grab the blueprints, the anchor, the rope and hot sauce.
You need to put a few items together first, by dragging them onto each other in your inventory.
Don’t count on leaving that soon. snow blocks the entrance! What you need to do is put hot sauce on an o’berry and put it on the snow so the puffle eats it… and melts the snow!
Go to the cliff where you fell off of.
Toss the anchor and rope up and you’ll be back at the ski mountain.
If you go to the ski village, you’ll find that bear in the fishing place trying to fix his machine. But he’s too hungry, and O-berries won’t work. He needs pizza!
So get to that Pizza Parlor and get that pizza, but get him seaweed pizza.
Give him the Pizza.
While he’s distracted, turn the lever to the other direction.
Watch him sink.
He’ll get back up and give you a nasty phone call.
Receive your medal and gift.

Mission 5

==Mission 5: Secret of the Fur==
Talk to G; he’ll get you to help him with the fur being analyzed. Open your spy-phone and pull out your comb from the spy-phone tools. Comb the hair and it will go into the machine.
Talk to G and he will give you the white fur that we need to analyze. Analyze it. It won’t find a match but it will find traces of substance on it.
Go to the Pizza Parlor and speak to the Penguin cleaning up the mess. Ask him to borrow sauce for evidence, and also offer to help him deliver the pizza. Put the Sauce and Pizza in your Inventory.
Go to the Ski Lodge and go out the back via the backdoor. Give the Penguin the pizza.
Go to the Coffee Shop next, and speak to the Penguin working there. Ask him for a hot chocolate after he tells you what happened. He will say the machine is broken but if you have a look at it you can fix it with your spy-phone tool - the spanner. Just place is on the hose that came out.
Put the spanner away and pull the cup down to make a hot chocolate. Use the bottle of sauce that you got from the pizza parlor. Put the hot chocolate in your inventory.
Go back to HQ using your spy phone and go into the gadget room on the far far left of the room. Get the AC 1000 Fan and place it in your inventory.
Go to the lighthouse beacon and use the fan to blow the petrol tank on the right over to you. Then put the fan away and pull out your scissors on your phone tools and cut the string. Put the scissors back in your tools and put the petrol tank in your inventory.
Go back to the gadget room and speak to G on the right. Put all the items into the machine and then pick up the goggles.
Go to the beach and on the left you’ll find a fishing net, pick it up. Inside the lighthouse on the left on the boat, pick up the rope. Put them together and you have made a trap.
Go into the Ski lodge and you’ll find the penguin hiding in the couch. Pick up the candle inside the ski lodge. Then, go to where he was fishing and place the trap on the tree branch.
Place the candle on the trap, and a crab will be caught in it. The monster will run away leaving a small sample of fur. Put the crab and the fur in your inventory, then go see G.
Talk to G, give him the crab, then analyze the fur and a match will be found. The monster is a POLAR BEAR! Speak to G again and he will give you the medal and you can keep the pizza. Mission over.

Mission 4

==Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue==
Talk to G and ask him where the Life Preserver is. Go into the Gadget room on the left and find it. Place it in your inventory.
Go to the Ski Lodge, on the right you’ll find the Fishing Rod. Pick that up too. Place all two items that you have picked up so far together so that they create one item.
Head inside the Lighthouse and beside the boat you’ll find a rope. Put it together with the life preserver and fishing rod.
Head to the Sport Shop. Then Pick-up the brown belt from the statue.
Go to the Ski Village and talk to the crying penguin beside the chair lift. He is crying because the lift is broken. Place the brown belt on the ski lift to fix it.
Pick up the white hairs near where the brown penguin is cheering. Now go to the Lighthouse beacon.
Use the wrench in your spy-phone tools to remove the telescope so that you can take it with you. Place it in your inventory.
Go to the Sport Shop and go up to G’s room. Place the telescope that you just picked up onto G’s tripod.
Write down the path that you have to take through the maze. Then head to the mountain and go to Penguin Run.
Follow the path that you have written down on Ridge Run. When you get to the bottom, you’ll see a cliff.
Use the life preserver launcher on the cliff.
click the preservers at the penguins to save them. Check Tips for a guide
You have completed the mission, talk to G at the top of the mountain and give him the fibers that you found at the Ski Village.

Mission 3

==Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins==
Go to the green penguin. He will appear right in front of you at the start of the mission. He tells you the coins have been stolen from the vault. Say, "Have you found anything unusual?" He will say no. Ask him if he door appeared to be tampered. He closes the door. Tell him to open it. He locked it.
Go into the manager's office. This is just to the right of the door.
Search around and when you find the couch, click under it. Get the paperclip and the computer disk.
Put the computer disk in the computer and turn it on by pressing the power button.
Wait for it to load and click on My Files and then click on Combination_number. You can even play Ice Bricks if you want. It's like breakout. The combination number is different for everyone, but it will have something like north, south, east, and west.
Go back to the door with the green penguin. Put the combination number in. The green penguin ask if you want to go inside. Say yes. You will then notice that the coins are on the ceiling.
Listen for your spy phone. It will ring. Visit G at the HQ.
Watch the video he points to. It shows the coins automatically rising to the ceiling. He tells you it is unusual, and say, "Do you have any suggestions?" He says, "Check the roof." Say, "Anything else". He says the roof might be locked. He opens a drawer and tells you the keys in there.
Use your code bar which is located on the bottom right hand of the screen to figure out the key. It is actually the first one, but just check anyway. Put it in your inventory.
Go back to the office and use the key with the roof door. It will open.
Go up and you will see a box labeled "Powa Box". Open it with the wrench on your spy phone.
Look inside the power box and throw the paper clip at the mother board to fry it go down stairs and collect white fiber which lies near powa box and put it into inventory and tell the new agent then go visit G.
G will ask you to do another mission. Say yes. He will tell you the power in the Night Club went out when you shut down the electromagnet. He will ask you to turn the power back on by resetting the fuses.
(Ignore this step if you are a member and have the Night Vision Goggles)Talk to G and tell him you cannot see in the boiler room. He will tell you to go to your right and take the flashlight besides his books./ or go find the chart with the blinking light and grab the flash light
Go to the town and talk to the crying penguin. Ask him what the matter is and he will tell you about the power failure in the Night Club.
Go into the Night Club - It is too dark so use your flashlight or Night Vision Goggles. Go Past the DJ Stand and go down the speaker to the right of it.
This will lead to the boiler room. Now find the fuse box and click on it. It is a puzzle. Read the instructions if you need to.
After resetting the fuses, the lights should come back on. Teleport to the HQ and talk to G. He will thank you. Mission Complete

Mission 2

==Mission 2: G's Secret Mission==
Go to secret agent HQ and start the mission. First, talk to G. Tell him you're here for your mission, he'll give you the following riddle..."Look near a lively game; Pointing to a path with a Rabbit in its name."
talk to G. he'll ask if you know the secret code. Enter the code "MOGUL". He'll ask if you want your Mission, say "Yes". He'll show you a SLED he wants you to test-ride down the mountain, so put it in your inventory.
Go to the Ski Slope. Get the SLED ouT inventory and click it onto the Test-Slope. Another mini-game will pop up, where you're meant to dodge obstacles and snow-jump over logs. It doesn't matter if you crash, you're meant to. When you crash, you find yourself in the Wilderness of Club Penguin. Go right and you'll find a Survival Guide. Put it in your Inventory.
Go through the Middle Path way and pick up a SKI and put it in your inventory. Now go back, and go through the First pathway, and pick 3 O-BERRY'S.
Go to the Pathway straight ahead, and click on the Puffles. They get scared and run away, apart from the black one. Give the Black one a O-BERRY, and it'll become friends with you.
Go back to where you started and move left. Then get a ROPE and attach it to the SKI to make a Fishing Rod.
Get one of the O-BERRYS and put it on the Rod.
Go back and you'll see a tree in the middle of the paths. Keep on shaking the tree until a PAN comes out; go as far left as you can. And go down the lane, go left as far as you can. Click the Fishing Rod onto the water, and you'll catch a fish!
Go right a little bit and walk through the path. Click the bushes, and it'll open up a cave. Go inside and click any stone; go where the stone goes and put your log onto the pit.
Get the Survival Guide and click it on the log, this will become tinder so you can start the fire. Use your O-BERRY on your Puffle. He'll make a fire (warning, give him the O-BERRY only when he's over the fire). Get your fish and put it on your fire. After it's cooked, click it to eat it. Now you're thirsty, so go to the water again, and use your PAN on it. Now you have WATER, so go back into your shelter and put the water onto the fire. It will boil, then click to drink!
Wait for your Penguin will fall asleep, when he/her wakes up, your puffle will be gone and your fire will be out, now go outside, you'll see a fellow agent and he'll take you back to G. G will talk to you, saying if you want to try the sled again, come back.

Well Done, Mission Complete!

Mission 1

== Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles ==

click on Aunt Arctic, she'll talk to you about her missing Puffles, she says her green puffle likes to goof around, and her purple puffle likes to take pictures.

Go to the Pet Shop, turn left as far as you can, then you'll see a note on the front Puffle-Kennel. Click on it and there will be a code. If you can't work it out, go the CODE TOOL-BAR at the bottom and work it out. If you can't, go to Tips to see some of it. If you do work it out, go to the Sport Shop, and talk to G about special items; he'll ask you how many socks he owns (say the number the note in the Pet Shop said). If you get it right, he'll open his cupboard of special items, there will be a Rubber Ring Shooter and a Climbing Rope. Click the Rubber Ring Shooter and put it in your inventory.

Go to the Ski Slope. There will be a penguin holding his telescope looking worried; talk to him. He'll say some penguins on the iceberg look stranded; go to the Iceberg, and talk to the penguins. They'll say how they got there. Click the Rubber Ring Shooter on to them, now you'll start a little mini game. At the bottom, there will be a Wind Pressure Scale; click to shoot a Rubber Ring, if it gets a penguin, they'll swim back, sound hard? No! It's easy and Fun!

Click the green penguin at the side. He'll say that two puffles, a green one with a propeller hat and a purple one with a Camera, and they flew away.

Go to the Ski Slope again, and that Penguin with the telescope will be crying by his broken telescope. Talk to him, and he'll say that his homemade telescope has broken. He'll ask if you can fix it.

Click on your AGENT PHONE and press TOOLS; there will be a Comb, a Spanner and Scissors. Click the Spanner on to the telescope, and it'll fix it. Look through the telescope; you'll see the green puffle. Go into the Sports Shop again and get the Climbing Rope. Go to the Tallest Mount. (Look up) at the top, throw the rope up, and you'll find the Puffles! You'll have a talk with Aunt Arctic and she thanks you.

Well Done, Mission Complete!

Thanks To all of the Penguins who helped with the guides!