Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission 1

== Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles ==

click on Aunt Arctic, she'll talk to you about her missing Puffles, she says her green puffle likes to goof around, and her purple puffle likes to take pictures.

Go to the Pet Shop, turn left as far as you can, then you'll see a note on the front Puffle-Kennel. Click on it and there will be a code. If you can't work it out, go the CODE TOOL-BAR at the bottom and work it out. If you can't, go to Tips to see some of it. If you do work it out, go to the Sport Shop, and talk to G about special items; he'll ask you how many socks he owns (say the number the note in the Pet Shop said). If you get it right, he'll open his cupboard of special items, there will be a Rubber Ring Shooter and a Climbing Rope. Click the Rubber Ring Shooter and put it in your inventory.

Go to the Ski Slope. There will be a penguin holding his telescope looking worried; talk to him. He'll say some penguins on the iceberg look stranded; go to the Iceberg, and talk to the penguins. They'll say how they got there. Click the Rubber Ring Shooter on to them, now you'll start a little mini game. At the bottom, there will be a Wind Pressure Scale; click to shoot a Rubber Ring, if it gets a penguin, they'll swim back, sound hard? No! It's easy and Fun!

Click the green penguin at the side. He'll say that two puffles, a green one with a propeller hat and a purple one with a Camera, and they flew away.

Go to the Ski Slope again, and that Penguin with the telescope will be crying by his broken telescope. Talk to him, and he'll say that his homemade telescope has broken. He'll ask if you can fix it.

Click on your AGENT PHONE and press TOOLS; there will be a Comb, a Spanner and Scissors. Click the Spanner on to the telescope, and it'll fix it. Look through the telescope; you'll see the green puffle. Go into the Sports Shop again and get the Climbing Rope. Go to the Tallest Mount. (Look up) at the top, throw the rope up, and you'll find the Puffles! You'll have a talk with Aunt Arctic and she thanks you.

Well Done, Mission Complete!

Thanks To all of the Penguins who helped with the guides!


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