Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission 6

==Mission 6: Questions for a Crab==
Teleport to the HQ and go to the gadget room.
Now talk to G.(Gary)
The machine exploded and the crab escaped. Follow him. Listen for his claws.
The crab will lead you all the way to the wilderness!
Remember mission 2? You’ll find the puffle in the same spot. But the O’berries are located high up in a bag on a nearby tree. You’ll have to cut the rope holding them up with your scissors.
When you feed the puffle, lead him to the door where the crab is. Put an O’berry in the pet door, and your puffle will follow and open it!
Next comes a very long conversation with the evil polar bear.
After that, you must get the puffle to do some things for you. There are three parts to the cage-lifter. Place a o-berry on the middle part first. Then put it on the third part to turn the water on. Then put it on the first part, and you will be free.
Before you leave grab the blueprints, the anchor, the rope and hot sauce.
You need to put a few items together first, by dragging them onto each other in your inventory.
Don’t count on leaving that soon. snow blocks the entrance! What you need to do is put hot sauce on an o’berry and put it on the snow so the puffle eats it… and melts the snow!
Go to the cliff where you fell off of.
Toss the anchor and rope up and you’ll be back at the ski mountain.
If you go to the ski village, you’ll find that bear in the fishing place trying to fix his machine. But he’s too hungry, and O-berries won’t work. He needs pizza!
So get to that Pizza Parlor and get that pizza, but get him seaweed pizza.
Give him the Pizza.
While he’s distracted, turn the lever to the other direction.
Watch him sink.
He’ll get back up and give you a nasty phone call.
Receive your medal and gift.


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