Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission 4

==Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue==
Talk to G and ask him where the Life Preserver is. Go into the Gadget room on the left and find it. Place it in your inventory.
Go to the Ski Lodge, on the right you’ll find the Fishing Rod. Pick that up too. Place all two items that you have picked up so far together so that they create one item.
Head inside the Lighthouse and beside the boat you’ll find a rope. Put it together with the life preserver and fishing rod.
Head to the Sport Shop. Then Pick-up the brown belt from the statue.
Go to the Ski Village and talk to the crying penguin beside the chair lift. He is crying because the lift is broken. Place the brown belt on the ski lift to fix it.
Pick up the white hairs near where the brown penguin is cheering. Now go to the Lighthouse beacon.
Use the wrench in your spy-phone tools to remove the telescope so that you can take it with you. Place it in your inventory.
Go to the Sport Shop and go up to G’s room. Place the telescope that you just picked up onto G’s tripod.
Write down the path that you have to take through the maze. Then head to the mountain and go to Penguin Run.
Follow the path that you have written down on Ridge Run. When you get to the bottom, you’ll see a cliff.
Use the life preserver launcher on the cliff.
click the preservers at the penguins to save them. Check Tips for a guide
You have completed the mission, talk to G at the top of the mountain and give him the fibers that you found at the Ski Village.


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