Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission 3

==Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins==
Go to the green penguin. He will appear right in front of you at the start of the mission. He tells you the coins have been stolen from the vault. Say, "Have you found anything unusual?" He will say no. Ask him if he door appeared to be tampered. He closes the door. Tell him to open it. He locked it.
Go into the manager's office. This is just to the right of the door.
Search around and when you find the couch, click under it. Get the paperclip and the computer disk.
Put the computer disk in the computer and turn it on by pressing the power button.
Wait for it to load and click on My Files and then click on Combination_number. You can even play Ice Bricks if you want. It's like breakout. The combination number is different for everyone, but it will have something like north, south, east, and west.
Go back to the door with the green penguin. Put the combination number in. The green penguin ask if you want to go inside. Say yes. You will then notice that the coins are on the ceiling.
Listen for your spy phone. It will ring. Visit G at the HQ.
Watch the video he points to. It shows the coins automatically rising to the ceiling. He tells you it is unusual, and say, "Do you have any suggestions?" He says, "Check the roof." Say, "Anything else". He says the roof might be locked. He opens a drawer and tells you the keys in there.
Use your code bar which is located on the bottom right hand of the screen to figure out the key. It is actually the first one, but just check anyway. Put it in your inventory.
Go back to the office and use the key with the roof door. It will open.
Go up and you will see a box labeled "Powa Box". Open it with the wrench on your spy phone.
Look inside the power box and throw the paper clip at the mother board to fry it go down stairs and collect white fiber which lies near powa box and put it into inventory and tell the new agent then go visit G.
G will ask you to do another mission. Say yes. He will tell you the power in the Night Club went out when you shut down the electromagnet. He will ask you to turn the power back on by resetting the fuses.
(Ignore this step if you are a member and have the Night Vision Goggles)Talk to G and tell him you cannot see in the boiler room. He will tell you to go to your right and take the flashlight besides his books./ or go find the chart with the blinking light and grab the flash light
Go to the town and talk to the crying penguin. Ask him what the matter is and he will tell you about the power failure in the Night Club.
Go into the Night Club - It is too dark so use your flashlight or Night Vision Goggles. Go Past the DJ Stand and go down the speaker to the right of it.
This will lead to the boiler room. Now find the fuse box and click on it. It is a puzzle. Read the instructions if you need to.
After resetting the fuses, the lights should come back on. Teleport to the HQ and talk to G. He will thank you. Mission Complete


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